Colorado Charities Run The Gamut

Living in Colorado is a dream of many. This state is easily among the most beautiful of the United States, from serene desert to soaring mountaintops to the steadiness of the Great Plains, outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers alike love being a resident of this place.

Of course, Colorado is a tremendous place to visit too, as it is a major tourist destination, as people visit attractions like Vail, Pikes Peak, or Pueblo ruins. For all the wealth attracted to this place though, it’s good for some of it to stay and help out those in need, which is why many residents and tourists alike donate to Colorado charities while here.

The spectrum of Colorado charities run the gamut of causes they serve and promote. Some focus on helping out the homeless in Denver and other cities, and others give a helping hand to those suffering domestic abuse. Religion is big in and around Colorado Springs, so missionary funds are collected to help out those spreading good thoughts in other nations or just helping out villages secure shelter and clean water.

Nature is a big theme among Colorado charities. The preservation of soil, water, air, and even tracts of undeveloped land are things that matter to many environmental activists. The threat of forest fires and the destruction they cause always mean there are charities helping the displaced, as well as the firefighters and those trying to prevent blazes from striking up.

Farmers in the eastern counties often donate what they can to beekeeping efforts to reverse the decline of the various species, so that crop pollination can keep happening. While other states are often thought of as Native American strongholds, Colorado does have a few reservations where tribes are sometimes in need of assistance or help.

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