Tayside charity’s appeal to help care for sick pets

Angela hopes more people take cats to their hearts.

A Tayside pet rescue charity is appealing for help after a bout of illness struck seven kittens for which it must meet the medical bills.

Angus Cat Rescue is looking to re home more than 30 cats.

The voluntary group’s founder Angela Smith and a team of “foster families” help to care for animals which are sick, injured or abandoned.

Angela and her colleagues have been praised for helping to save dozens of cats.

While Angela enjoys her work, all of the animals’ vet bills are met by her.

As a result, when any of her cats are struck down with illness, Angela has to cover bills totalling thousands of pounds.

The group regularly takes part in fundraising efforts but are currently struggling to meet costs.

Angela said: “We’re running in excess of 30 cats currently.

“We were hit with a bout of illness which led to a lot of bowel issues for seven kittens. It’s a virus which can turn really nasty.

“Treatment can cost in excess of £200. We’ve always got cats and kittens in the background that are poorly.

“I work full time and do this in my own time. A lot of my money is spent on things like diesel and running my van (used in rehoming cats).

“I hate asking for money, but we’re always looking for donations.”

Angela feels, much like her own group, cat rescue charities across the region are struggling with capacity issues.

The charity worker is therefore hoping more Taysiders give abandoned cats a home.

Angela said: “It needs looked at every so often and sometimes we have to refuse cats.

“If someone is looking and is up for the bills then we have got a selection of cats and kittens we will endeavour to match up with the right person.”

For more on the group and for adoption opportunities visit www.facebook.com/AngusCatRescue/

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